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Lilian Bern Holistic Psychotherapy

Over 44 Years, Helping You Create a Future Better than Your Past

In my Private Practice, Lilian Bern Holistic Therapy, I work with all aspects: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, Relationships and Environment. My approach is a blend of Psychology, Biology, Spirituality, and Hands-On Healing.  I work with individuals and their families, businesses and institutions. In addition to doing Holistic Therapy and Healing work, I assist people in improving their lives by teaching in depth classes, seminars and.  presentations. When People have issues or problems, instead of just managing symptoms I seek to find the causes of malfunctions and help them heal.

 I am a Healer, Motivational Speaker, and Teacher. In my practice of holistic therapy, I use transformational communication, imagery, and energy work to create change.  The goal is to help you improve the quality of your inner and outer life, your relationships, your health, and to encourage you reach your dreams, while becoming your best and truest self. My services are unique in Northwest Arkansas, I speak Spanish and I am Multi Cultural.

My other goal is to help diminish suffering for all beings.

HolisticPlanet Earth is a beautiful home for many sentient beings. Unfortunately, there is much pain, discord, exploitation, violence that humans have created toward other humans, toward other live being, and toward the planet itself. I can imagine life with more love, more harmony, more respect, more safety, more compassion, more of everyone’s needs met, without harming others.  I live to help turn that vision into a reality, and I invite you to join me.

Tall order? Yes!  Possible? Certainly! We can do this, if enough of us care and do what it takes.