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Lilian Bern Holistic Psychotherapy

Bio & Experience

Qualifications: I have a graduate degree in Psychology, a degree in Women’s Studies, and a California license as a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist; I am not licensed in Arkansas. I am internationally certified as a Non-Denominational Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neürolinguistic Programmer, and Cellular Trauma Release Practitioner. I have a California Community College Lifetime Teaching Credential in Psychology. I am trained in Dream interpretation and Energy Healing, as well as extensively trained in Communication and Meta Communication.

I have resided in Arkansas since 1993. In Northern California before that. I have lived in US since 1962.

Since I was a small child I had a keen sense of observation, and intuitively knew some things that many other people did not know that later turned out to be factual truth. I also could feel energies and emotions in people, animals, and places.

Experience: I have been working with people professionally for 45 years, so I have lots of experience with virtually every kind of person and every kind of problem and trauma. I have worked with individuals, couples, families, groups, and businesses in California, Arkansas, and Mexico, and I have traveled to other places to teach and give presentations. I have worked in collaboration with Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Attorneys, and have succeeded in improving and healing many difficult and complicated cases.

Chrysalis Counseling Services Founding Mothers

I have been a founding mother and co-director of several pioneering non-profit corporations:

In Santa Rosa, California:
I was part of a group that founded one of the  first battered women’s shelters in the US.I was Co-founder of A Special Place, a center for the treatment and prevention of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect. I created the model, nothing like it existed before.
Chrysalis Counseling Services, a sliding scale clinic which is celebrating over 40 years of providing high-quality feminist counseling to women, men, couples, children, and families in Sonoma County, and where therapy interns have been acquiring the necessary practicum hours to become licensed.

In Sacramento, California:
the Sexual Assault Treatment program for WEAVE, the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County, California.

In Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico: The Association for the Health and Protection of Cats and Dogs.  There were no facilities to help many neglected and diseased street animals that desperately needed to be cared for.

I have a private practice outside of Rogers, Arkansas, and because my services as a Holistic Therapist and Trainer are unique, people frequently travel from other cities to see me, and I often travel to them. I have a multicultural background, and am bi-lingual in Spanish and English. I charge on a sliding scale, by the hour, according to people’s incomes, and depending on the service. Fees range from $60 to $140 per hour for consultations, and $60 to $540 for presentations.  The best way to contact me is by phone at (479)387-2108 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. for a brief conversation and than an appointments for an evaluation of your issues and needs.

Contact me today for information and scheduling.