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Lilian Bern Holistic Psychotherapy

Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops are held in the Mini Retreat Center, while Holistic Therapy Sessions are held in my home office. Any of my functions can be held at your location, as well.

Classes, Workshops, and Presentations can be ten minutes, a half hour, an hour, or two hours; or a full day, a weekend, or longer.
In-depth studies are usually scheduled for two hours per week for 8, 10, or 12 weeks.

Please contact me to schedule a class, workshop or presentation. My phone numbers are found at the top of each page, and there is a handy email form on the Contact page.

Fees vary according to length of presentation, number of people, and distance of travel. I am bilingual, so these subjects are available in Spanish and English.

Below you can see the topics currently offered:

Effective and Compassionate Communication.
A Holistic approach to Living and Healing.
The Holistic Puzzle: What you need to know to HEAL from Virtually Anything.
Nutrition for Health: not what most Americans eat and drink.
Democratic Parenting: raising responsible, caring children.
Healing the Child Within.
Dealing with Grief and Loss.
Relief from Your Stress.
Women’s Issues.
Feminine/Masculine: the Heart and the Mind.
Lesbian and Gay Issues and Relationships.
Cellular Trauma Release Work.
Interpreting Dreams.
The Power of Words.
Stories that Heal.
The Healing Power of Nature.
Youthing, instead of Aging.
Past Life Regression.
Wisdom, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Soul.