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Lilian Bern Holistic Psychotherapy


I can’t thank you enough, Lilian.What we unearthed in those first hours has helped me tremendously. I have a freedom in my mind and a lightness in my heart. M.J.

I want to highly recommend Lilian Bern’s Communication workshop for anyone who knows they have chronic emotional suffering and who is committed to work at learning how to ease that for themselves. I was referred to one of Lillian’s workshops by a friend. Having worked on improving both my thinking and communication skills for over 30 years, I thought I would enjoy a communication workshop. Being a professional massage therapist, a healer myself for 35 years, having read quite a few books, having taken quite a few workshops, and having studied quite a number of different modalities for healing the human body-speech-mind complex; I really did not expect to be extremely impressed. As it turned out, however, I was greatly inspired as well as impressed by Lilian’s work.

Lilian is first of all a healer deeply committed to her work. She uses a collection of techniques which she has discovered through a lifetime of study and which she has skillfully put together so as to address not just the mind or one part of the mind, but the body-speech-mind complex as a whole. Being aware of the profound connection between the easing of suffering for individuals and the easing of suffering for Mother Earth and for all people, Lilian seems to me to have integrated this knowledge. When working with my group, I saw Lilian demonstrate immense patience, kindness, and compassion as she worked to soothe the shock and pain of struggling participants. I also saw her effectively quell the disruptions of agitated participants without distressing other participants or making the disruptive people feel diminished. For me, she served as an experienced witness and gave me never before received affirmation of the years of work I have done to make my human life a useful one. I.M.

Dear Lilian,
I want to tell you that I appreciate very much all the great things you have done in my life. Aunque el camino es largo, tus ensenanzas y sabiduría han enriquecido mi vida y quería que supieras que estoy muy agradecida.
Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias! L.G.

Thank you Lilian 🙂
I deeply appreciate the love, understanding, care, and work that you are doing to help L and me to learn how we can heal, grow, and understand ourselves and each other in the most enlightened and uplifting ways.
Thank you sincerely. Love and Joy, R

Jamin’… reprogrammin’…
so the rhythm we dance to is really hapnin’
got some new roots growing!
Thank you – L

I came to see you in desperation with a chronic backache that doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and many pain pills could not cure. I was skeptical, especially when I found out that you use no drugs and no physical manipulation. When we uncovered several layers of relational trauma and an accident, and the pain lessened, I was still skeptical. I thought it would be temporary. I remember you talked me into continuing therapy and releasing more old “stuff” and undoing defenses, and then the pain went away.  I have been pain-free for two years, and it still feels like a miracle.
Thanks, M.I.

Hi Lilian,
I just wanted to say that yesterday’s session was certainly “productive”.  I’m more clear about where I am in my life’s progress.  I can face the emotional toll from the past, forgive it, and move on. Also I feel closer to my parents after the realization I experienced. I have a new inner peace about them and my childhood. I am now claiming my freedom and personhood in new ways. Not quite real easy yet, but I’m on my way.
John A.

There are many techniques and strategies used by therapists to help clients understand themselves better and find relief from crippling beliefs and fears. Lilian Bern has had years of study, and of experience, and has been able to combine the most effective techniques, as well as refining and improving them. With her help, it’s possible to see results in an amazingly short time. She recently helped me resolve a serious inner conflict in one afternoon session. This month, friends of mine found out just where the stresses of their marriage lay, after only a few meetings with Lilian. (Of course, some problems run too deep for quick resolution). I don’t think there are many therapists who can get down to the root of trouble so quickly. M.A.L.

Lilian is a fine teacher. I learned skills which I have since used, in a class she taught on dream interpretation, and especially in her “Compassionate Communication” class, which she created and I consider an important contribution to the world. If everyone took it, this world would be peaceful, and all of us happier. Lilian is a gifted therapist. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who needs help understanding himself and others, and the terrible tangles we get into. L.G.

Thank you for modeling outstanding communication skills for my partner and myself, and for your insight into our needs. You have provided very important counseling for healing our life journeys. Our renewed friendship and intimacy is wonderful for both of us. We continue to increase our level of consciousness and demonstrate good listening skills and understanding in our daily life. T. M.

How can you ever thank someone enough for saving her heart, mind & soul? You have been a very bring light at the end of an awful tunnel. I will miss you. C.B.

An important chunk of huge garbage was released in the last work that we did together. I feel much better and lighter. Thank you, Lilian, I am very grateful for your help. R. D.

I deeply appreciate the love, understanding, care and work that you are doing to help L. and me to learn how we can heal, grow, and understand ourselves and each other in the most enlightened and uplifting ways. Thank you sincerely. R & L.

Thank you for always keeping us abreast on classes and teachings you are offering. I don’t think I have ever expressed to you how much you have impacted my life and have helped me to become who I truly am. With time that has passed since we have met, so many things you have taught me have come to light. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and clarity. Happy trails until we meet again. J. S.

I appreciate what you have done for me more than you can know. Just last night I was singing your praises to a new love interest as we stayed up talking past midnight. My work with you seems to come up in any deep, sharing communication that I have with anyone these days. I feel and express empathy for myself and other people and our needs in a way that was unknown to me before our therapy and classes. I would not have these amazing things happen without the guidance, and yes, caring, you have given me. Always grateful, S. L.

It is such a relief to be off my medications and be functioning in the world awake, rather than drugged, and much to my amazement, coping well. I feel so fortunate I found you, Lilian. Thanks forever for your help. D. F.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and good sense. Your calm sense of center has been an inspiration and a goal for me. K. B.

Your classes have helped me in many aspects of my life. You are very good at explaining, modeling, and helping participants practice what they learn. The benefits have been obvious in myself and others, even after only a few classes. M. T.

Getting to know myself through you has been an amazing journey. If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t believe it. I did not know how disturbed and traumatized I had been, and I didn’t know how wonderful life could be now. I continue to be amazed at the person I have become. Words and money could never thank you enough. T.A.

I want to thank you, Lilian, for your wonderful, heartfelt, insightful and tenacious efforts to help T. and I heal our relationship and heal ourselves. I know I am still a work in progress, but I see this time working with you and with my wife as a watershed in my life. I have so much more peace in my being these days. I am also much more confident in being able to transform difficult situations into something better (even wonderful) and avoid the downward spiral that has so often been the outcome of discussions in the past. S. T. L.

I am truly thankful for all your help. I believe we did make a real breakthrough, and I will always be grateful to have benefited from your skill and gentle ways. P. Mc.