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Lilian Bern Holistic Psychotherapy

What I Do and How

What is a Holistic Approach:
We live in a Universe that is an infinite field made of energy, filled with energy. Everything that exists everywhere is that: minuscule particles of light, vibration and intelligence. In that causal field everything is connected to everything else, and what we call “matter” is just a much denser form of energy, with a lower vibration, the minute particles relating to each other with less space in between, forming patterns. The particular density, amount of light, speed of vibration, pattern, and intelligence, determines what the object or being is.

That is true of the Milky Way, the galaxy our Solar system is in, as well as our Mother Earth, and all the forms or life on it: oceans and mountains, humans and trees, bears and bugs. Yes, there are other forms of life everywhere, besides this planet. Each being is a System, relating to and being part of a larger system. In these systems, we are affected and connected with everything, so there are many causes that create the effects that we perceive. And the effects create other effects, some beneficial to the preservation of life and the wellbeing of the forms, and some detrimental.

In a Holistic Approach we understand that we, as humans, are connected to each other and to the web of life on this planet. We understand that our bodies and all the organs and functions of our physical selves are a manifestation (the last effect) of the non-physical aspects of ourselves: our Spirit or Soul, which is part of the causal field, (the immortal aspect, light, our awareness of being, level of consciousness); our intelligence (perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, knowledge); vibration (quantity and quality of light, values, wisdom), which is our aliveness, (sensations, emotions, personality, communication, choices).

That is why, in a holistic approach I work with everything: mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships and environment. That is also why I am much more interested in working with causes that create blockages, conditions and circumstances in a person or system, their habits, history, beliefs, choices, etc. that are detrimental, so we can eliminate them or transform them, and then promote permanent healing. I am not very interested in symptom management, diagnoses, medication, temporary reward-punishment schemes, or skin deep apparent changes that only mask or cover the real problems.

I know that the past creates our present, and the present creates the future. I know that feelings buried alive never die. I know that “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a lie. I know that many people who think they lived in a “normal” family were severely traumatized. I know that many people resign themselves to living with supposedly chronic incurable conditions. I know I can help you create a better future than your present no matter what your experiences have been, no matter what prognosis you were given.

Tools and Methods

CELLULAR TRAUMA RELEASE WORK: is a powerful and unusual hands on body-mind integration method that allows people to let go of energy blocks that are the residual of unexpressed emotion due to past trauma. This method does in hours what traditional talking therapy takes months or years to accomplish. Energy held in our field and our tissues is freed up for joy and healthier living. Symptoms vanish, patterns change, people are no longer enslaved by their history. Very effective in healing PTSD, childhood abuse, effects of Violence, difficulties in healing or our own resistances.

NEUROLINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING: through language (words and thoughts) and through images we create internal representations (maps) of ourselves, other people, and the World (our concept of reality). Repetitive experiences create links in our nervous system for habitual emotions and responses. This determines our experience in living….even more than outer circumstances do. NLP helps us change the structures of these maps and associations, so we can have more choices and more positive experiences, regardless of the circumstances

CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY: In Trance States we are more able to tap into unconscious, subconscious and universal resources that stimulate our self-healing, as our body and autonomic nervous system relax, and open our minds to new possibilities.  I use it for developing positive self-images, reducing stress and pain, recovering from surgery, illness, accidents, preparing for tests and other difficult situations, accessing memories, accelerated learning.

HOLISTIC TALKING THERAPY: This is not a collection of techniques, but rather a philosophy, a set of values, and a point of view. We see the mental-emotional-physical health or illness of individuals as being a reflection of our history, our family, the language patterns we learned, how well our needs have been met or not, as well as the values and habits of the society we live in. Rather than encouraging adaptation, we encourage change. Rather than controlling symptoms, we aim at finding and healing causes. Rather than getting more, we encourage people to cleanse at every level.

Unfortunately, in repetitive interactions with people, whether it is within a family, a school, a business, or other systems, we frequently get caught in patterns that are unsatisfactory, painful, or damaging — in spite of our best intentions — while all are trying to get their needs met. Through systemic interventions we are able to improve communication, shift power balances, re-distribute roles, change perceptions, eliminate reactive patterns, learn new responses. We value all forms of life, we are sensitive to issues of inequality and oppression, and strive to create a more egalitarian system in which everyone has rights, everyone has voice, and everyone is important. Rather than win-lose, we aim to win-win.  Peace and cooperation are highly valued. When people get unstuck and they give up power struggles, they become more supportive, loving and appreciative.

DREAM INTERPRETATION: our deep inner life (unconscious) and our grand outer life, our connection with Spirit (super conscious), mingle in stories and images and emotions when we sleep. This is not only entertaining, but much healing and creativity can occur when we tap and correctly interpret our dreams. They provide the reality, symbolically, of what is, as well of what was and what could be. We can get to know ourselves better through our dreams, become aware of things that need healing, and enrich our spiritual lives.

ENERGY READINGS AND HANDS-ON HEALING: We all have an AURA, or Energy field, which surrounds and fills our physical presence (it actually creates our physical presence). This field, commonly called Soul, is the essence of who we are, the “thing ” that gives us life, determines our uniqueness, and never dies. I use Dowsing Rods to measure the energy field in 12 locations, which gives us a very accurate assessment of your mental, physical and emotional health and history…more information about what needs to be healed than most people are aware of. Energy Readings show us your current condition, as well as you history since conception.

We can also do testing of foods, chemicals, medications and nutritional supplements, personal care products, environments… so we can eliminate those that are detrimental or harmful to you. This is equivalent, but less invasive and more detailed, than medical allergy testing. Hands-On Healing is the intentional manipulation of the Energy Field (without touching the body) in order to re- distribute, clean, balance, open and energize your Aura, which affects mood, stamina, thought processes, and sensations. Pain can disappear in moments.

TFT/EFT: Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique are considered Energy Psychology Modalities (also hands on healing). We tap on specific acupuncture points in specific sequences while thinking about particular problems or issues that are troublesome to us…physical, emotional, relational,circumstantial…as we do several tapping rounds, the intensity of the problem diminishes, until eventually it vanishes. Gentler but slower than cellular trauma release work. Used with PTSD and phobias effectively.